Monday, May 9, 2011

Monday Crush

During my weekend adventures, I came across some really cool Watercolor prints at Carte & Barrel.  As I looked around other stores I notice that there were a lot of watercolor prints on various items.  This seems to be a new trend in the design world.  So here are a few of the items I saw that I'm crushing on...

Crate & Barrel Cylinder
Handmade entirely of recycled glass.

Pillows from Crate & Barrel
 Inspired by modernist watercolors. 

 Pillows from West Elm, the perfect punch
to spruce up a bed, sofa or chair.

Chair from Anthropologie.
How about this as a fun focal point in a room? 

I found this great watercolor painting at a local antique shop.

I love this spring's trend of watercolor prints! Hopefully this inspires you to add some watercolor trends to your space.


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  1. Do you think the watercolors are for the springtime?