Monday, November 29, 2010

Ideas for Designing on a Budget

Think your design ideas are bigger than your budget? Think again, these are a few ways to achieve the look you want for less.

Paint: Painting is the cheapest investment you can make, it’s also can give your room the most dramatic result.  If your not sure what color to use, many paint stores offer sample paints for about $2.00.  Don't be afraid to put some color on your walls for a fresh and inexpensive look. 

Shop Secondhand Stores: Thrift stores, consignment shops, flea markets, and even salvage yards offer a bounty of discount decorating items. Look for furniture that you can easily reupholster and paint yourself.  That will surely bring the old furniture back to life and give you a unique approach to your design scheme.

Wait for Sales and Discounts: Wait to find what you really want at a price that won't hurt your pocket. Look around in different stores, if you find something you really like, ask if the item will be discounted any time soon. Store and department managers are usually the best sources for that information.

Mix, Don’t Match: Not only is a "matchy-matchy" look boring, but buying entire suites of furniture tends to cost more than putting together a creative look. A great way to mix it up is by purchasing items that are upholstered in complementary fabrics, or adding unmatched nightstands beside your bed and decorating with other unique items not defined by color, form, or material. Or try pairing a wood table with shiny aluminum or brightly colored plastic chairs. Mix and Match different materials and textures, it is sure to make anyroom stand out.

Add Unexpected Accessories: Almost anything can be used as an accessory, found objects and household items that cost almost nothing.  A bowl filled with green apples lends a bright pop of color to just about any surface, and a stack of vintage hardbacks adds height, dimension and character to an occasional table.  I'm pretty sure if you look around, your house is full of nicknacks just waiting to be used.

Reuse Items You Already Have: You don't have to buy new pieces to turn a space from boring to "WOW". Instead, again look around at what you already have and think about how it can be reupholstered, repurposed or reimagined.  Reinvent a dresser as a dramatic dining-room sideboard with a few coats of glossy black paint and new hardware.  use a slipcover and various accent pillows to make an old couch look fabulous again.  Turn plain pillows into amazing accents by stenciling simple designs on them.  After all, your imagination is the best budget stretcher ever.

Check out this great buy I found for my mother this weekend at a local flea market.  I got these chairs for $5 bucks!!  It was so simple and inexpensive to fix them up, an easy reupholster and paint job.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Art of Relaxation

A living room is nothing if it's not relaxing. It should be the place where you unwind after work, hangout on the sofa, read a good book, watch your favorite TV show, share a glass of wine with friends, play Candyland with the kids, or whatever else is high on your list for indoor leisure. While some of us might fantasize about hotel or resort lounges and worry about keeping the house sparkling. This is not an idea of family relaxation. That does not mean that our home is always in chaos. No, home relaxation is more about adding easy clean and instant tidying into the original design, while thinking about the overall harmony of scheme. Use harmonious colors, furniture that can be easily cared for and create a feeling of ambience. A relaxed room is one that feels comfortable to you and reflects your style and personality.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Dream Your Room

Dreams are free for the imaging.  What would your dream room look like?  First things first, make a wish list.  Start with a great piece to set the scene.  A bed is a great starting point.  Or start smaller with an area rug.  You can use that to pull colors that you like.  Find something that inspires you.  And always, always set a budget for yourself, it will help keep you on track.  Here are some images that come to mind, when I think of my dream room.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Stylish Headboards for Kids

I think one of the best aspects of the bedroom is the bed. It sets the scene and is the starting point of a well designed room. It’s the one thing and the one place your kid can honestly say they're going to use every day. With that being said, why not go wild and be creative. Make their bed as stylish and comfortable as they want it, by installing an upholstered headboard. It doesn't even have to be a traditional upholstered headboard. There are many different ways to create the headboard effect. They can come in all shapes, sizes, and even material and the best part is your kid can dream up and create their own shape! Take a look at some of the different headboards below and you can see just how creative you can be!


Sleep Tight!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

My Design Method

Someone recently asked me how I start a design for a room, when I know nothing about the person. 

I feel like as soon as I walk in someone’s home, I can get a sense of what a person likes and doesn't.  I can get a sense of what colors they like, if they are a person who likes clean and neutral colors or a bright bold color.  If they are more traditional mixed with modern or their home has an eclectic feel.  When I am designing a room, I like to ask for clients to show me something that describes their personality.  From this I can pull colors and different elements that I can use in their space.  This always helps me to create a beautiful and unique space designed just for them.

Friday, November 5, 2010


So I am still in the process of working on this room for a tween boy.  He wants to have his name painted on his wall, but not in a kiddy way.  So, I have been doing a little research on Graffiti, and I wanted to share some on the images I found.  The things these artist create are really amazing and creative.