Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Dorm Rooms with Style

It's finally here, your first year as a freshman in college. As you walk into your dorm room what will you see, four bare center block walls, some basic furniture, and a window. No you are not in prison, look at this as starting new chapter in your life.

With all the other exciting new things happening on campus you still want to decorating your dorm. So how can you spruce it up to make it feel more like your room? Let this be a blank canvas for you to design a space that is unique to your personality. Take this time to create whatever you want. There is little you can do about the furniture and the white sterile walls, but don't let this discourage you.

You want a place where you can feel comfortable and make it personable. Here are some tips on how to decorate your dorm that are easy and inexpensive!

Use curtains and fabrics to bring in color, Walmart offers an excellent selection of decorating products for college students. Check your local Michaels or craft store for peel -n- stick stencils. A white board is a must in a dorm room, hang it on your door so your friends can leave messages to let you know what's happening around campus. If you can carve out space for a sofa, do it. An added area in your dorm will make it feel more comfortable and a great places to just hang out. Dorm rooms aren't that big so use mirrors to make your space look larger. Don't forget about your ceilings and consider alternative ways to hang window treatments. 

If you have a roommate determine your design together, an symmetric room will work perfectly. Play around with the furniture you have, the room maybe small but if you find the right layout it will work for you. Utilizing the walls to decorate adds more space on the floor.

Just be as creative as you want and don't forget to add personal touches to your new space.  Check out some of these dorm rooms for inspiration!

{Better Home & Garden}
Use colors and prints to draw your eye from the white walls.

Inexpensive stencils add interest to the walls.

Hang window treatments differently.

Symmetric room gives balance in a small area.