Thursday, December 9, 2010

Determining Your Style, Is this me?

When you’re trying you determine your style, gather all the images you’ve clipped and saved.  Think about turning these styles into words like- vibrant, elegant, clean, traditional, bohemian, modern, comfortable, classic, or dramatic.  People usually have a melting pot of styles and ideas, so you don’t need to settle on one word.  It may seem like a task, but naming your style really helps to focus on a design idea.  It is the first question a designer will ask you.  If you are not sure what your style is a, designer can help you name that by some of the pieces you already have in your home.  Discovering your style will make it easier when you are starting to decide on colors, furniture and accessories for your newly designed space.  So think of it this way, if you were strolling through a store and you see a trendy chair, and you think, “Hmmm that’s cute, but I’ll probably get tired of it because I’m more into the traditional look.”  At that moment you can walk away, mistake avoided, money and time saved.